xByte Technologies is a premier reseller of IT equipment with a history of quality service for over a decade.  We specialize in servers, storage, and parts for Dell, HP, and IBM.  With a long history in the industry, we have the knowledge to answer any question and get you exactly what you need at the best price possible.


At xByte Technologies, our customers look to us as their trusted partner.
We have a team that has been certified by Dell, IBM, Microsoft and other relevant companies.
Beyond that, we have developed an internal education system for our team to learn new technologies as they emerge and demonstrate that knowledge through real world hands-on testing.
We know that education and experience are the keys to delivering consistent quality service.



All our servers and parts are stored in our climate controlled 30,000 sq ft warehouse located in Bradenton, FL.
We keep thousands of servers and nearly 100,000 parts IN STOCK – all ready for immediate shipment.
Call us by 3pm Eastern and we can get your order to you as quickly as the next business day.
If we do not have something in stock that you need, we typically can still find it for you quickly.

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