3 comments on “Testing the Limits of the Dell H710 RAID Controller with SSD

  1. As I understand it is an IOPS test from under VM on top of vmware? I wonder what bare metal CentOS on the same config would show? Single consumer-grade Samsung EVO 840 1Tb was showing 5k IOPS on sysbench test for random reads:
    sysbench –test=fileio –file-total-size=50G –file-test-mode=rndrd run

    • Thank you for reaching out K8! You have some good questions. You have some good questions. The focus of this test was to find whether RAID controller would be a limiting factor in the IO performance. This was tested using a Windows 2012 VM running on VMware 5.5. I would assume that the hypervisor does create some overhead, but I’m really not sure how much. It didn’t matter for this test so long as it was consistent.

      That being said, consumer grade and enterprise level SSD’s have very different performance characteristics. See http://bit.ly/1LbLWeI for some information about that. Using the drives in a RAID configuration will make it even harder to compare these. Also I have no idea of how the sysbench IO compares to the IOmeter IO. Changes in the parameters used in an IO can have dramatic differences in the results.

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